David Garnier – Nova Scotia Portfolio Manager Priding Himself on Professional Conduct and Fiduciary Responsibility

David Garnier Nova Scotia is a Portfolio Manager based in Nova Scotia where he works for the Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce (CIBC). He has worked with individuals trying to save and invest as well as businesses that need to mind their budget and spending better. Garnier became a leader at the CIBC retail division of Wood Gundy with his skill in investing and his ability to work in a team context as a leader and manager. He has created many opportunities for his clients to succeed as well as those working under him. He has had a successful career in Finance because of his fiduciary responsibility and his responsibility to his company and those who work for him.

David Garnier learned after he came to Nova Scotia to be a leader at the Wood Gundy office that his professional conduct is an extremely important part of his and his team’s success. Garnier takes it upon himself to create an open, collaborative work environment marked by clear communications and trust in one another. Garnier has worked with his team to foster this environment and while their efforts are essential to the continued success of his office, it is his own professional conduct and fiduciary responsibility that ultimately determines success in his office’s operations.

David Garnier Nova Scotia has worked as a manager over several teams of financial planners and workers at his office in Nova Scotia and he continues to lead by example so that everyone gets the same treatment and professional courtesy they expect when dealing with the CIBC.


David Garnier – Nova Scotia Investment Expert’s Three Core Keys to Effective Interpersonal Communication

David Garnier has worked throughout his career to help his clients make the most effective investment and financial decisions as a financial advisor and Portfolio Manager in Nova Scotia. His work has earned him the position of Vice President at the Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce’s Wood Gundy office. As a leader, he has to effectively manage several teams and their members so they can keep the banking organization running smoothly on behalf of their clients. Here are three keys to effective interpersonal communication he has learned in his career:

  • Understanding behavioral styles. As a leader, David Garnier has worked hard in his offices in Nova Scotia to understand his team and their behavior, as well as the reasons behind their behavior. Garnier works hard to understand why his team communicates the way they do.
  • Listening. The best way to communicate effectively in a business setting or elsewhere is to listen to understand the messages of others. The leader of a team must be ready to respond to all the team members’ concerns, but first, he or she has to understand what they are, which must be gleaned by listening.
  • Criticism is a learning tool. When others criticize you, you can’t always take it personally. Instead, think of criticism, (if it is constructive) as a learning tool, and opportunity to improve in some way. Don’t waste it.

David Garnier Nova Scotia has helped his clients in Nova Scotia make the best investment decisions, in part because of excellent communication with both his clients and his team members.

David Garnier Nova Scotia – Crafting Your Legacy

David Garnier of Nova Scotia has been working with CIBC (Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce) Wood Gundy since 2003. He has ascended to an executive position, and he manages portfolios for the firm’s clients. Prior to joining the company, he is with at the present time, he was an investment adviser for ScotiaMcLeod. While he was there, he specialized in the estate planning area. This is a very important piece to the long-term financial planning puzzle, and many people do not recognize this until it is too late.

There is more to estate planning than the quick execution of a last will when you decide that “the end is near.” If you take the right steps in advance, you can provide for your loved ones monetarily in the ideal fashion. As David Garnier of Nova Scotia learned years ago, there are many different ways to facilitate postmortem asset transfers. The ideal course of action will depend upon the circumstances. Extenuating factors like taxes and the intricacies of blended families can enter the picture. It is important to go forward in a fully informed manner to provide for everyone that you love in an efficient manner.

Counselors like David Garnier Nova Scotia often explain the value of legacy planning to their clients. Legacy planning is a more comprehensive form of estate planning. You could include your personal memoirs, an account of the family history that you remember, and an ethical will that shares your moral values with your loved ones. Charitable giving can also be part of a legacy plan. When you consciously craft your legacy, you shape the way you will be remembered after you are gone.