David Garnier – Nova Scotia Investment Advisor’s Three Needs for a Successful Retirement Plan

David Garnier is an investment advisor based in Nova Scotia who has become a leader within the Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce due to his extensive experience and skill in investing and portfolio management. Garnier has helped people plan for retirement and helped businesses prepare for the future and manage their budgets. Here are what he considers the three essential needs of a successful retirement plan:

  • Investing for income. Many investment professionals such as David Garnier, who works with clients in Nova Scotia, recommend annuities, which provide a lifetime income stream that you can use when you’re retired. Future retirees want to maximize their returns without risking their principal. Fixed indexed annuities are the best option for this.
  • Investing for growth. When planning your retirement plan, you have to determine your risk tolerance. There will always be risk involved when investing in the stock market. There will always be risk involved in the stock market, which goes through periods of expansion and contraction.
  • Investing for protection. As you age, your health and the ability to take care of yourself will decline. You’ll need to invest in order to protect yourself and prepare for this eventuality. Rising health care costs as you get older is only part of the expenses. You have to prepare for rising cost of living and more.

David Garnier has helped many investors and clients in Nova Scotia with experience and skill in finding ways to build their retirement plans in a safe and sensible manner they can rely on when they stop working.