David Garnier of Nova Scotia – Communication Skills Are Key

David Garnier of Nova Scotia has risen to a lofty position within the investment management sector. He is a Portfolio Manager at a leading investment concern, and he also holds a high management position within the company. The ability to crunch the numbers as you keep your finger on the pulse of market trends is a huge part of his job, but there are other facets that make for a well-rounded executive. One of them is the ability to communicate in an effective manner.

When you consider the importance of interpersonal communication, you are looking at a multifaceted subject. On the one hand, an executive like David Garnier of Nova Scotia has to communicate with coworkers. Many of the people that he interacts with report to him or someone under him, and he also has peers in the workplace. To be an effective leader, you have to get the best out of the people that you lead. The way that you communicate with them is going to have a significant impact on their performance. You can have an inspirational effect through the right form of communication. On the other side of the coin, morale can be deflated if you push the wrong buttons.

Communication skills are also necessary when you are dealing with clients who are entrusting you with their portfolios. There is a lot at stake, and high profile investors are going to want answers to their questions. Someone like David Garnier of Nova Scotia must have the ability to communicate effectively with these deeply engaged clients.


David Garnier of Nova Scotia – Taxes on Investment Income

David Garnier of Nova Scotia provides counsel to investors, and he has been in this field for twenty years. As a First Vice President and Portfolio Manager for CIBC (Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce) Wood Gundy, he holds a very important position. The work that he does for his clients helps them maximize their financial capabilities. When these strategies have been successfully executed, these clients can realize their personal objectives, and they may also have the freedom to do things for their family members.

When you are investing successfully, you have to be concerned about taxes on investment income. Unfortunately, you do not get to pocket the income without coming to some type of arrangement with the tax man. There is a tax to contend with that is called a capital gains tax, and it can come into play when you realize a gain. You realize a gain when you sell an appreciated asset and take possession of the proceeds.

The fact that you have to pay taxes on your gains is the bad news, but David Garnier of Nova Scotia can also pass along some good news. In Canada, the entirety of the gain would not be subject to the capital gains tax. Only half of the gain would be subject to taxation, and the rate of the tax would be equal to the marginal tax rate that was applicable to the individual in question.

David Garnier  Nova Scotia helps clients build their portfolios, and he also helps them address taxes. He can recommend strategies that provide capital gains tax efficiency.

David Garnier of Nova Scotia – A Pattern of Success

David Garnier of Nova Scotia has traversed the type of path that can provide others with inspiration. Each person is different, but many individuals will only be comfortable if they are always climbing the career ladder. Without question, if you feel as though you are stuck in a stagnant position, it can be difficult to get up to go to work every day. There is no magic formula that can provide upward mobility, but an intense focus on your vocation will certainly be beneficial. If you stay in the same field for an extended period of time, your resume gets more and more refined, and you build on the industry-specific knowledge that you accumulate. David Garnier of Nova Scotia has taken this approach, and it has served him well throughout his professional career.

After working for ScotiaMcLeod as an investment adviser and an estate planning counselor from 1996 to 2002, he moved on to a new position with the highly respected firm CIBC (Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce) Wood Gundy. This was back in 2003, and he has been making impressive career strides ever since then. At the time of this writing, he holds a position as a First Vice President, and he is also a Portfolio Manager. He shoulders a great deal of responsibility, but he has the background to handle it with aplomb.

Whatever your field of endeavor may be, if you keep your eye on the prize and seize opportunities that are presented to you, success is very likely to come your way. David Garnier of Nova Scotia has followed this path as a financial adviser, and the results speak for themselves.