David Garnier of Dartmouth, Nova Scotia – Ground Rules For Estate Planning

Working as an estate planning specialist while living in Halifax, David Garnier of Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, has clear ideas about the subject. When estate planning comes up, the vast majority of people think of this topic as the privilege of the wealthy. In reality, asset management is not only something that can apply to anybody who has something to their name, but it is a process we all should take seriously.

Our time on this earth is limited and making sure that we leave – at the very least – a financially transparent situation behind, should be important to everybody. Every case can be different, but there are guidelines that are pretty much fitting to any situations. A quality estate plan has clear characteristics, allowing the loved ones to not have to worry about that aspect at least.

Regarding the last wishes, it’s good to avoid any misunderstanding. You can achieve that with obvious wording. Another important standpoint is choosing the right legal guardians to deal with the situation and help out your family. An estate plan basically allows the deceased to leave a transparent financial situation behind him or her; making sure that the asset distribution is fair between the family members.

David Garnier Nova Scotia of Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, notes that the importance of leaving a flexible and financially transparent situation behind cannot be overstated. If one dies without a legitimate estate plan and will, the state where they lived will determine who gets their assets. This is an outcome everybody should try to avoid.