David Garnier of Dartmouth, Nova Scotia – Investment Mistakes to Avoid

David Garnier works in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, as Vice President and Portfolio Manager for CIBC (Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce) Wood Gundy. Portfolio managers like Dartmouth, Nova Scotia’s David Garnier often help their clients correct existing mistakes, and avoid future ones, in their investment portfolios. Unfortunately, without professional assistance, mistakes like those below are easy to make:

  • Lack of Indexing – Index funds, though underwhelming in the short-term, typically perform well in long-term, low-cost investing. Though the proof is there to show that indexing works, new investors commonly avoid it in favor of active, more volatile investments. Indexing isn’t exciting, but it belongs in your portfolio diversification strategy.
  • Performance Chasing – Basing your investments on recent high-performance stocks can lead to losing money and unbalancing your portfolio. Make a reliable investment plan, stick to it and rebalance frequently to remove the temptation to performance chase. Performance chasing from investment to investment statistically leads to some of the biggest losses. If you have difficulty turning away from performance chasing, it may be time for a long-term-oriented plan.
  • Too Much Reliance – Though a portfolio manager is capable of handling your investments, you should be involved in your finances, too. Relying on others for all of your investing needs isn’t an ideal strategy and it rarely leads to profits unless you take an active role.

David Garnier Nova Scotia, clients trust him to help them navigate away from investment mistakes to best secure their financial futures. If your investment portfolio lacks professional management, seek a similarly-qualified Portfolio Manager in your area for aid.