David Garnier – Nova Scotia Portfolio Manager Priding Himself on Professional Conduct and Fiduciary Responsibility

David Garnier Nova Scotia is a Portfolio Manager based in Nova Scotia where he works for the Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce (CIBC). He has worked with individuals trying to save and invest as well as businesses that need to mind their budget and spending better. Garnier became a leader at the CIBC retail division of Wood Gundy with his skill in investing and his ability to work in a team context as a leader and manager. He has created many opportunities for his clients to succeed as well as those working under him. He has had a successful career in Finance because of his fiduciary responsibility and his responsibility to his company and those who work for him.

David Garnier learned after he came to Nova Scotia to be a leader at the Wood Gundy office that his professional conduct is an extremely important part of his and his team’s success. Garnier takes it upon himself to create an open, collaborative work environment marked by clear communications and trust in one another. Garnier has worked with his team to foster this environment and while their efforts are essential to the continued success of his office, it is his own professional conduct and fiduciary responsibility that ultimately determines success in his office’s operations.

David Garnier Nova Scotia has worked as a manager over several teams of financial planners and workers at his office in Nova Scotia and he continues to lead by example so that everyone gets the same treatment and professional courtesy they expect when dealing with the CIBC.


David Garnier – Nova Scotia Investment Advisor’s Three Needs for a Successful Retirement Plan

David Garnier is an investment advisor based in Nova Scotia who has become a leader within the Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce due to his extensive experience and skill in investing and portfolio management. Garnier has helped people plan for retirement and helped businesses prepare for the future and manage their budgets. Here are what he considers the three essential needs of a successful retirement plan:

  • Investing for income. Many investment professionals such as David Garnier, who works with clients in Nova Scotia, recommend annuities, which provide a lifetime income stream that you can use when you’re retired. Future retirees want to maximize their returns without risking their principal. Fixed indexed annuities are the best option for this.
  • Investing for growth. When planning your retirement plan, you have to determine your risk tolerance. There will always be risk involved when investing in the stock market. There will always be risk involved in the stock market, which goes through periods of expansion and contraction.
  • Investing for protection. As you age, your health and the ability to take care of yourself will decline. You’ll need to invest in order to protect yourself and prepare for this eventuality. Rising health care costs as you get older is only part of the expenses. You have to prepare for rising cost of living and more.

David Garnier has helped many investors and clients in Nova Scotia with experience and skill in finding ways to build their retirement plans in a safe and sensible manner they can rely on when they stop working.

David Garnier – Nova Scotia Investment Expert’s Three Core Keys to Effective Interpersonal Communication

David Garnier has worked throughout his career to help his clients make the most effective investment and financial decisions as a financial advisor and Portfolio Manager in Nova Scotia. His work has earned him the position of Vice President at the Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce’s Wood Gundy office. As a leader, he has to effectively manage several teams and their members so they can keep the banking organization running smoothly on behalf of their clients. Here are three keys to effective interpersonal communication he has learned in his career:

  • Understanding behavioral styles. As a leader, David Garnier has worked hard in his offices in Nova Scotia to understand his team and their behavior, as well as the reasons behind their behavior. Garnier works hard to understand why his team communicates the way they do.
  • Listening. The best way to communicate effectively in a business setting or elsewhere is to listen to understand the messages of others. The leader of a team must be ready to respond to all the team members’ concerns, but first, he or she has to understand what they are, which must be gleaned by listening.
  • Criticism is a learning tool. When others criticize you, you can’t always take it personally. Instead, think of criticism, (if it is constructive) as a learning tool, and opportunity to improve in some way. Don’t waste it.

David Garnier Nova Scotia has helped his clients in Nova Scotia make the best investment decisions, in part because of excellent communication with both his clients and his team members.

David Garnier – Nova Scotia Portfolio Manager on the Importance of Investment Philosophies

David Garnier has a long and distinguished career as a Portfolio Manager for the Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce’s Wood Gundy office in Nova Scotia, a position he took over in 2003. Garnier has experience working with businesses and individuals on their financial futures and investment strategies. He has long preached to his clients the need for a well-defined investment philosophies based on the wisdom of many other investors in many different markets.

The ingredients of a sound investment strategy include human frailty, which assumes that not all investors are making the soundest decisions, and therefore the markets they invest in are not stable. Investment experts like David Garnier in Nova Scotia view investment assumptions by others with skepticism.

All good investment philosophies have to take a stand on the efficiency or inefficiency of the market. Sometimes the market is inefficient and stocks are misquoted and mispriced. The specific tactics and strategies in all investment philosophies are based on the belief or disbelief in the market’s efficiency and how they plan to deal with the difficulties of human frailty. Garnier has worked with many clients to help them make the right calls at the right times according to the principles of the best possible investment philosophy.

David Garnier Nova Scotia has worked with many people to devise sound investment strategies at his office in the Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce’s Wood Gundy office in Nova Scotia. Garnier is an experienced financial expert with many different happy clients throughout the Canadian business community.

David Garnier Nova Scotia – Crafting Your Legacy

David Garnier of Nova Scotia has been working with CIBC (Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce) Wood Gundy since 2003. He has ascended to an executive position, and he manages portfolios for the firm’s clients. Prior to joining the company, he is with at the present time, he was an investment adviser for ScotiaMcLeod. While he was there, he specialized in the estate planning area. This is a very important piece to the long-term financial planning puzzle, and many people do not recognize this until it is too late.

There is more to estate planning than the quick execution of a last will when you decide that “the end is near.” If you take the right steps in advance, you can provide for your loved ones monetarily in the ideal fashion. As David Garnier of Nova Scotia learned years ago, there are many different ways to facilitate postmortem asset transfers. The ideal course of action will depend upon the circumstances. Extenuating factors like taxes and the intricacies of blended families can enter the picture. It is important to go forward in a fully informed manner to provide for everyone that you love in an efficient manner.

Counselors like David Garnier Nova Scotia often explain the value of legacy planning to their clients. Legacy planning is a more comprehensive form of estate planning. You could include your personal memoirs, an account of the family history that you remember, and an ethical will that shares your moral values with your loved ones. Charitable giving can also be part of a legacy plan. When you consciously craft your legacy, you shape the way you will be remembered after you are gone.

David Garnier of Nova Scotia – Communication Skills Are Key

David Garnier of Nova Scotia has risen to a lofty position within the investment management sector. He is a Portfolio Manager at a leading investment concern, and he also holds a high management position within the company. The ability to crunch the numbers as you keep your finger on the pulse of market trends is a huge part of his job, but there are other facets that make for a well-rounded executive. One of them is the ability to communicate in an effective manner.

When you consider the importance of interpersonal communication, you are looking at a multifaceted subject. On the one hand, an executive like David Garnier of Nova Scotia has to communicate with coworkers. Many of the people that he interacts with report to him or someone under him, and he also has peers in the workplace. To be an effective leader, you have to get the best out of the people that you lead. The way that you communicate with them is going to have a significant impact on their performance. You can have an inspirational effect through the right form of communication. On the other side of the coin, morale can be deflated if you push the wrong buttons.

Communication skills are also necessary when you are dealing with clients who are entrusting you with their portfolios. There is a lot at stake, and high profile investors are going to want answers to their questions. Someone like David Garnier of Nova Scotia must have the ability to communicate effectively with these deeply engaged clients.

David Garnier of Nova Scotia – Taxes on Investment Income

David Garnier of Nova Scotia provides counsel to investors, and he has been in this field for twenty years. As a First Vice President and Portfolio Manager for CIBC (Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce) Wood Gundy, he holds a very important position. The work that he does for his clients helps them maximize their financial capabilities. When these strategies have been successfully executed, these clients can realize their personal objectives, and they may also have the freedom to do things for their family members.

When you are investing successfully, you have to be concerned about taxes on investment income. Unfortunately, you do not get to pocket the income without coming to some type of arrangement with the tax man. There is a tax to contend with that is called a capital gains tax, and it can come into play when you realize a gain. You realize a gain when you sell an appreciated asset and take possession of the proceeds.

The fact that you have to pay taxes on your gains is the bad news, but David Garnier of Nova Scotia can also pass along some good news. In Canada, the entirety of the gain would not be subject to the capital gains tax. Only half of the gain would be subject to taxation, and the rate of the tax would be equal to the marginal tax rate that was applicable to the individual in question.

David Garnier  Nova Scotia helps clients build their portfolios, and he also helps them address taxes. He can recommend strategies that provide capital gains tax efficiency.

David Garnier of Nova Scotia – A Pattern of Success

David Garnier of Nova Scotia has traversed the type of path that can provide others with inspiration. Each person is different, but many individuals will only be comfortable if they are always climbing the career ladder. Without question, if you feel as though you are stuck in a stagnant position, it can be difficult to get up to go to work every day. There is no magic formula that can provide upward mobility, but an intense focus on your vocation will certainly be beneficial. If you stay in the same field for an extended period of time, your resume gets more and more refined, and you build on the industry-specific knowledge that you accumulate. David Garnier of Nova Scotia has taken this approach, and it has served him well throughout his professional career.

After working for ScotiaMcLeod as an investment adviser and an estate planning counselor from 1996 to 2002, he moved on to a new position with the highly respected firm CIBC (Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce) Wood Gundy. This was back in 2003, and he has been making impressive career strides ever since then. At the time of this writing, he holds a position as a First Vice President, and he is also a Portfolio Manager. He shoulders a great deal of responsibility, but he has the background to handle it with aplomb.

Whatever your field of endeavor may be, if you keep your eye on the prize and seize opportunities that are presented to you, success is very likely to come your way. David Garnier of Nova Scotia has followed this path as a financial adviser, and the results speak for themselves.

David Garnier of Dartmouth, Nova Scotia – Playing Gold is Relaxing

Living in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, allows David Garnier to visit the Brightwood Gold and Country Club quite frequently. Playing golf is a unique experience, and it’s very rare that someone tries out the sport only to be put off by it and never revisit it again. Usually it’s the other end of the spectrum as people fall in love with this outdoor activity quite easily. While many of them play it exactly because of that outdoor aspect, there are actually more quantifiable, thoroughly logical arguments for the sport.

1. It teaches you how to concentrate more patiently
2. It allows you to work on your interpersonal skills
3. You can’t lose your manners at a golf court
4. Yes, the nature angle is quite obvious and true.

When you realize that in order to hit a perfect tee shot you have to gather yourself both physically and mentally, you have no choice but to relax and concentrate. Golf is a game of concentration, where the one who can relax and let loose, will likely win (provided that the players are at a similar level of course).

Another fun aspect of golf are the conversations. The game and the environment gives you such a potent combination that it will inspire spirited and often quite deep talks. David Garnier Nova Scotia of Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, notes that if you thought about picking up golf, you probably shouldn’t wait much longer until you try it. It’s a sport of skill, tranquility, and quite often, friendship.

David Garnier of Dartmouth, Nova Scotia – Having a Plan For Your Retirement

From his experiences gained while dealing with many retirees David Garnier from Nova Scotia knows that having to retire can be an extremely frustrating experience. There are people who love their job to a degree that they would want to stay until the last day of their lives, while others cannot wait to finally start retirement without the responsibility they faced in their workplace every day. Growing old is not a sin, in fact it is something we should all aspire to. But failing to create a plan for your retirement can have extremely tough consequences. It’s important to note that whenever it is possible, one should take their retirement (and everything it comes with) into their own hands. Of course depending on which source of retirement one is eligible for, that can be a rather tricky proposition. In any case, preparing for it can never be a bad idea.

Negotiate Your Benefits and Health Insurance

If your retirement money will be provided by your current employer, negotiating your worth is somewhat of a reoccurring theme. Depending on where you work and what are their policies, you are actually allowed to negotiate the terms. How much you will want to pay for your health care, what other benefits you think you are entitled to, etc. etc. If you are looking at a scenario like that, asking for help from your human resources contact can help you out tremendously. David Garnier Nova Scotia, is a financial advisor. Having seen many similar situations during his career, his advice is to wait until you reach the full retirement age, before you start to collect your checks.